Friday, October 9, 2009

Demi's toyboy Ashton was a burglar

Demi Moore's toyboy Ashton Kutcher was a burglarAshton Kutcher, sexy Demi Moore's toyboy lover, was once convicted of burglary. Ashton once confessed to The Sun, “I was really good at picking locks, but we didn’t realise there was a silent alarm in the library. That’s how I got caught.”

Ashton's mom Diana is known to have said, “He was upset but I made sure I didn’t pick him up until the next day to teach him a lesson.” He was thrown into a jail cell in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and spent the night there after his stepfather refused to bail him out where he was convicted of 3rd degree burglary and ordered to do 180 hours community service. He spent three years on probation, and was only granted the right to vote in 2003 after his criminal record was cleared.

Not just stealing exam papers, Ashton also had it to drugs to which her mother confessed, "When he was in college he messed around with drugs, although it was nothing hard. Most teenagers do the same, so we just sat him down and told him it was wrong and he agreed with us.”